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Find your favorite Mala(s), click on the image for details, then complete the Mala Shop Order Form, OR text/call Andrea @ (716) 472-3610 to place your order.
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Don't see one you like in the Mala Shop? Have a Mala custom-made to your specifications by clicking on the Custom Malas button at the bottom of the page and design your own. Be sure to check out the Mala Gallery for ideas! 
All Malas are lovingly handcrafted using quality materials infused with healing Reiki energy, traditional hand-knotting between each of the 108 counting beads, and hand-made tassels.  

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, I'll be happy to provide an exchange, or a full refund upon return of item (shipping costs not included). Please contact me first before shipping anything back. 
As soon as your order with payment is submitted, I will send an email confirmation and begin processing immediately. The moment it is shipped, I will send you tracking information.